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Medicinal Garden Kit

Medicinal Garden Kit

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Medicinal Garden Kit is the most groundbreaking method for you take complete control of your own health using the most powerful medicines Mother Earth can produce. Created by World Renown herbalist Nicole Apelian, Ph.D. to solve her own serious health issues. The Medicinal Garden Kit gives you the resources and instruction to grow your own medicines in your own backyard. From Arthritis to Multiple Sclerosis, the Medicinal Garden Kit will help you and your family live happier and healthier every day of your lives.

  •  2,409 high-quality, non-GMO seeds sourced and packaged in the US to start your own life-saving garden.
  •  Free Medicinal Green Guide to take all the frustration out of growing, even if you have a black thumb.
  •  Save an average of $1,742 per year when you don’t have to buy these amazing medicines at the pharmacy anymore.
  •  365-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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